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Download Sasuke Singing Tashika Na Yozora Ni Mp3

Download Mp3 Sasuke Singing Tashika na Yozora ni. (5.61 MB), Duration 04:05, Sasuke Singing Tashika Na Yozora Ni Mp3, ShellBiiUchihaPro, PT4M5S, 40,841, 366, 7, 2010-04-04 11:19:34, 2021-03-02 23:52:05, sasuke-singing-tashika-na-yozora-ni, Peterustinov MP3

Sasuke(Noriaki Sugiyama) Singing Tashika na Yozora ni. Hope you like it ! Comment&Subscribe?

Noriaki Sugiyama / Sasuke - Tashika na Yozora

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Singer: Noriaki Sugiyama (sasuke's voice actor) Song: Tashika na Yozora ni Album: On The Way hope u like it^^ i don't own this

Sasuke Singing Scenario. I love this song so much! Hope you like it 2 ! Comment&Subscribee?

amv give me a sing

Sasuke(Noriaki Sugiyama) singing Stainless Night. Hope you like it! Comment&Subscribe?

Follow my NARUTO manga reviews @ !! WARNING: This is a long song. But feast your ears on Sasuke's singing! Video &...

Follow my NARUTO manga reviews @ !! Sasuke singing PONYO, karaoke style! From Nico Nico: ...

Naruto Intros Sasuke Sings (Noriaki Sugiyama)

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Video: naruto openings 1-7 audio: Stainless Night by Noriyaki Sugiyama Noriaki was the favourite by far in my singing voice actors video so I...

Sasuke singing Kimi Monogatari with orgininal singer

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Sasuke/Noriaki Sugiyama singing Kimi Monogatari from the Naruto CD, Naruto All Stars, with the original singer.

Can Sasuke Sing (dedicated to my good friend, Tessa-sama ^^)

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I actually tried following the lyrics as I made this (rhythmically and with the actual meaning). Noriaki Sugiyama, Japanese voice actor for Sasuke...


I do NOT own anything! It was a fanmade video!!! :D

Sasuke(Noriaki Sugiyama) Singing Kogane no Hikari. Hope you like it! Comment&subscribe?

Sasuke's Japanese voice actor Noriaki Sugiyama singing "Suigintou No Yoru" Enjoy the awesome song!!! I own nothing! Not the song! Not Naruto! Not...

Sasuke Singing Kimi Monogatari (WithSlideshow).

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Heey guys Sasuke(Noriaki Sugiyama) Singing Kimi Monogatari. With a picture Slideshow of sasuke! Hope you like it ! Comment&Subscribee?

Yep, I'm uploading this song, and I'm planning to upload Noriaki's entire album. If you want to know where I got these songs, PM ME. Song:...

Video By : Sultan Faris Kartawijaya Thank you for view this Video Hope you like it And Visit My Facebook : Faris Sangatzlah Kerenz Extra Info :...

I do not own anything from this video

My first animation ! u_u Sorry ... It's not perfect héhé ! :D Watch and comment ! Music : Pub and Go England Dessin : Sas'ke ( Naruto...

Uchiha Sasuke Singing Scenario - Noriaki Sugiyama All Stars

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My favorite song by my favorite character ^^ This is the song "Scenario" that is sung by Sasukes voice actor Noriaki Sugiyama for the Naruto All...

Sasuke singing the 3rd Naruto Shippuden opening song! Song: ブルーバード --- BLUE BIRD By: いきものがかり--- Ikimono Gakari Translations & Video by...

Kimi Monogatari - Noriaki Sugiyama Sasuke Uchiha) Lyrics On Screen

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Sasuke's voice sure ir hot... please like and leave comment and suggestions.... I OWN NOTHING

Follow my NARUTO manga reviews @ !! TRANSLATION NOTES BELOW!! Video by NASTY BOY Translations provided by...

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